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Gupta Abrasives Pvt. Ltd.
Registered Office:
1st Floor, 3675, Gali Shahtara,
G.B. Road, Delhi-6, India
Phone: 91-11-23215618, 66302418
Telefax: +91-11-23213443
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Abrasives As is evident from our name our main and foremost business is Abrasives. We are Authorised distributors of Grindwell Norton Ltd since our inception in 1992. Grindwell Norton has bestowed upon us many rewards like the "Regional Best Dealer Award", "Super Star Dealer Award" over the years.

We deal in the following Products:-

Diamond and CBN Tools are designed to grind very hard materials like Tungsten Carbide, HSS, Hardened Steel, Aero space alloys, Ceramics, Glass and Refractory materials to a high level of precision and quality. Full range of Grinding wheels (Resin & Metal Bond), Dressers etc. are available.
Diamond & CBN Wheels are also made as per customer size & specification.

We have classified Super Abrasives into the following Categories:-

  1. Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels
  2. Single Point Dressers
  3. Grit Impregnated Dressers
  4. Fliese Dressers
  5. Rotary Dressers
  6. Electroplated Slitting Saws
  7. Electroplated Files
  8. Diamond CRS & Segmental Blades

Brands Available
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