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Gupta Abrasives Pvt. Ltd.
Registered Office:
1st Floor, 3675, Gali Shahtara,
G.B. Road, Delhi-6, India
Phone: 91-11-23215618, 66302418
Telefax: +91-11-23213443
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We offer a comprehensive range of High Speed Steel Cutting Tools to the engineering industry for various applications.
We offer HSS Tools of the best brands made and available in India, like, Miranda Tools, Indian Tools, Addison & Co., YG1 India, JK Files & Tools etc.

We deal in the following Products:-

The process of reaming has a number of applications, the chief of which are: to enlarge existing drilling holes; to make a parallel hole into a tapered hole; and to bring existing holes accurately to size.
We have classified HSS Reamers into the following Categories:-
  1. Hand / Machine Reamers
  2. Parallel / Taper Shank Chucking Reamers
  3. Machine Jig Reamers
  4. Shell Reamers
  5. Parallel / taper Shank Socket Reamers
  6. Hand / Machine Taper Pin Reamers
  7. Centre Reamers
  8. Counter Sinks
  9. Taper Pipe Reamers
Brands Available
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