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Sawing is the most common application in any industry. We offer a wide variety of Saw tools for Wood-Working and Metal Cutting applications. Metal Cutting Saws of all the best Brands made/marketed in India are available with us ex-stock. We are authorized distributors of Miranda, Bahco (Snap-on), Lenox for their entire range of sawing products. Wood Working Saws of 'GANESH', ESI, and 'Ganpati' brand are available with us.

We deal in the following Products:-

Circular Saws
Manufactured from High Carbon Steel. Available in Mirror and Satin (Rust Free Range) Finish. Our Wood Cutting Circular Saw Blade is one of the fastest and safest wood cutting tool, as compared to the other types available in the marketplace. The aesthetic qualities and long term durability of the wood cutting circular saw blade offered by us is simply incomparable.

  1. Working : For cutting Wood, Metal and Other Soft Products
  2. Size Range : Diameter 100mm to 915mm
  3. Thickness : 0.50mm to 5.00mm
  4. Teeth : Commonly Available in Ripping and Cross-cut teeth.
  5. Bore : Commonly Available in 5/8”, ½”, 3/8”, 1”
  6. Standard Packing : 5 Blades in each Box

Band saw
Band Saw Blades Manufactured by us are easily one of the best wood cutting tool present in the market. Our band saw blades range from different widths to different thicknesses and lengths. This provides you with more options to choose from. Superior quality materials are used by us to manufacture these top class band saw blades.

  1. Working : For Cutting Wood Logs
  2. Narrow Band Saw Blade : 10mm and goes up to 76mm wide.
  3. Wider Band Saw Blade : Above 76mm up to 250mm wide.
  4. Thickness : 0.50mm to 1.60mm
  5. Teeth : Cross Cut teeth and Ripping teeth.
  6. T.P.I. : 1 to 5.

Chain saws
Among the vast Wood Cutting Tools Manufactured by us our chain saw is so popular, as the home-run of the baseball sport. The array based on different lengths and highest class finishing of our Chain Saw will definitely fulfill your desire for owning one of the best wood cutting tool. So feel like a winner and go for our durable chain saw offered by us.

Cross Cut Saws
Available in different thicknesses and lengths, the Cross Cut Saw Blade Manufactured and Exported by us are well valued all around the world. Our premier cross cut saw blade is exported in various finishes like satin (Rust Free Range) etc. Best class and moderate price, make our cross cut saw blade one of the most appreciated wood cutting tool.
Manufactured from hardened and tempered High Carbon Steel strip. Used manually by applying Straight Vertical Handles on the sides of the blade (Kunda can be provided for the Handle Attachment). Available in Bright, Black and Satin (Rust Free Range) Finish.

  1. Working : For cutting small Logs.
  2. Thickness : 14Gauge and 16 Gauge.
  3. Length : 4 to 8 feet with half foot gap.
  4. Teeth : ‘V’ Shape and SAP Teeth

Hand Saw Blades
Hand Saws are made of well Finish hardened and tempered High Carbon Steel strip. Available in both Wooden & Plastic handle packed in Colorful sleeves with information data on both sides making it easier for the consumer to choose the right saw. Available in Bright, Black, Blue and Orange(Satin) (Rust Free Range) finish.

  1. Working : Used in Cutting Wooden Boards.
  2. Sizes : 12" to 48" length in various thickness
  3. Teeth : In both Reverse (Push) and Advance (Pull) Bowelled Teeth
  4. Standard Packing : 6 Blades in each box.

Web Saw
Manufacture from hardened and tempered High Carbon Steel strip. Available in Bright and Satin (Rust Free Range) Finish.

  1. Working : Used in cutting logs
  2. Sizes : 4', 4 ', and 5' length in 18 and 20 mm gauge
  3. Teeth : Cross-Cut Teeth

Pit Saw
Ganesh Pit Saw Blades are made out from Best processed Hardened & Tempered Steel Strip. Pit Saws are available in Mirror, black and Satin (Rust Free Range) finish. Sizes ranges from 16 swg to 14 swg in thickness and 5 to 8 feet in length.

Manufactured from High Carbon HARDENED & TEMPERED STEEL. Available in Bright, Black and Satin (Rust Free Range) Finish

  1. Working : Specially for cutting Huge Wood Logs used manually by applying handles the ends of the blade
  2. Thickness : 14 Gauge and 16 Gauge
  3. Length : 4 to 8 feet with half foot gap
  4. Teeth : Commonly Available in Ripping Teeth

Peeling Knife
Manufactured from HIGH SPEED STEEL (H.S.S.). Available both in slots and without slots. Slots can be set according to the requirement of the customers.

  1. Working : Used for chipping big Wooden logs, Boards, Etc. Special used for manufacturing Match-Sticks.
  2. Thickness : 5/8”
  3. Length : 56”
  4. Width : 7”

Planner Blade
Planner Blades are one of the best products forming the range of our best quality hand tool products. The edges of our planner blades are well sharpened, so as to provide maximum utility.

  1. Working : Used for Chipping Logs to Make them Smooth
  2. Thickness : 2.2mm & 3mm
  3. Sizes : Width 150mm(6”) to 750mm (30”)
  4. Standard Packing : 12 Pieces in Each Box
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